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Remax is your neighborhood expert focused on providing state of the art service related to real estate in pennsylvania by giving you best results in the industry. We have experts who will listen to all your real estate goals and work hard in order to create solutions that make sense to you.  If you are new to the market, an experienced investor or someone who needs a change, our expertise and track record will help you in achieving all your real estate dreams.

Whether you want to buy or sell a home, contact us today at Remax Hanover PA on the given information so that we can begin the quest for success.

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  • Helpful Real Estate Guidelines
    23 Jun

    Helpful Real Estate Guidelines

    Real estate is sometimes known as property comprising of land and buildings. However some say that it also includes all the innate resources such as uncultivated land, minerals, water and livestock. However Real Estate from a media perspective is residential…

  • Popular 4 Ways To Make Real Estate Leads
    19 May

    Popular 4 Ways To Make Real Estate Leads

    Every successful agent is familiar with how to generate leads in real estate on a consistent basis. Otherwise, they would not be very fruitful. In the real estate industry, a lead is a detailed material relative to a potential buyer or seller. It is much…

  • Why should I use a real estate agent?

    This is the most common question that we get, a real estate agent is not only a sales person he or she is your representative acting on your behalf, provides guidance when you want to buy or sell property keeping in mind what’s best for you.  Sometimes people try to do things themselves and take help from the internet however a professional is a professional Sometimes you may not get the latest information which isn’t published on a listing so if you are in the market to buy, get a buyer’s agent and he will take care of offers and negotiations.

  • What are closing costs?

    Closing costs are expenses incurred by buyers and sellers in transferring ownership of a property. These are seperate and in addition to down payment money for buyers. Buyers closing cost can be partially or even fully paid by the seller through negotiation.

  • How should I price my home?

    When pricing your home you have to take into account the market conditions of the real estate market. It changes and the market fluctuations, so it’s critical to determine listing prices based on the latest information which a real estate agent can give. Why not get a home value request or a comparable market analysis done.

  • Is there a "best time" to put my house on the market?

    There is always a best time after looking at the economic factors and market condition, which may have an impact on selling or buying a property.  According to standard, the real estate market picks up its pace around February and goes strong in May and June with a slight dip after the summers.  The summer being the busiest season, the real slow down comes after Christmas when people are more focused on retaining property.

  • Who is responsible for making repairs, if any, as a result of home inspection reports conducted for the buyer?

    As you may know the buyer orders a home inspection on his own also the seller can make repairs of the house, however they are used to negotiate repairs of major problems such as safety standard. The purchase contract may provide guidance for these negotiations.

  • What are comparables or comps?

    These are regarded as recently sold property items that are similar in size and mainly location to the home for sale. These properties help to determine the market value of a property.

  • What are disadvantages of pricing my home on the high end?

    Well yes there maybe some disadvantages, you might be able to help sell similar homes that are priced lower and so your home maybe on the market for a longer interval, which means you lose market interest and lose money as a result of making extra mortgage payments with incurring tax.  In the end you may have to accept lower money and a potential buyer may face financial problems resulting from inflated prices.  Thus we at Remax, suggest to you to sell not higher than what it’s worth unless demand is high and you use simple economics to your advantage.  Also don’t forget to get a home value check up done.

  • What is preapproval or prequalification?

    There is no major difference between these terms, and are thrown around in the same sense many a times by loan officers.  This means that a mortgage professional has reviewed and inspected your qualification which includes credit, income, debt obligation, and available assets for the purpose of getting a mortgage. 

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