How Can New Real Estate Agents Learn Great Communication Skills?
How Can New Real Estate Agents Learn Great Communication Skills? How Can New Real Estate Agents Learn Great Communication Skills?
  • How Can New Real Estate Agents Learn Great Communication Skills?
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  • Posted On Sep 06, 2017
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Once you have received your real estate license, there are many experts that will help you launch an effective career. Communication is one of the most vital skills for new real estate agents to master. Communication leads everything that you do as a real estate agent, whether you are explaining the buying process to a first-time home buyer, negotiating an offer for a seller, or advertising to prospects via social media, your website, or your blog. Here is how new real estate agents can learn great communication skills?

Consider your body language:

Picture this: You are in the central of negotiating the sale of a home, and you are indicating the sellers. You tell the buyer’s agent that your clients are open to talking about the offer, but your arms are crossed and you have not made eye contact yet. You might be saying that you two can move this contract to the closing table, but your body language is saying otherwise. Remember, you are constantly communicating, even when you are not talking.

Share your stories and knowledge:

When you share stories and experiences with your clients, you are engaging them and constructing trust. You are letting them know you have “been there, done that” and have the experience and information to guide them through that same experience. You are also engaging them and getting them into the conversation.

Listen, repeat, and question:

Being a good listener is a key to communication. Ask questions, and paraphrase what the other person has just said. This shows you are involved in what they have to say and are paying attention. It also helps make clear any points that you may have taken the wrong way. If your buyers are telling you about their grandmother’s neighborhood and why they love it so much, you might say: “So to recap, you love your grandmother’s neighborhood because it has lots of great amenities. What are some of the particular amenities you are in search of?”

Listening, repeating, and questioning the other person can help keep everybody on the same page.

Don’t be unfocused:

Put away the cell phone, stop answering emails, and focus on the conversation that you are having. In today’s technology-focused society, this is a common difficulty that new real estate agents should avoid. It can be tough to step away from your devices, but effective communication in a face-to-face setting depends on it.

Be brief and specific:

Keep your emails short and sweet without leaving anything out. Be as concise and specific as possible. That goes for oral communication, too.

Make eye contact:

Good eye contact is one more important skill new real estate agents should learn. It can feel a bit strange to look people directly in the eye. But Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, cites several studies that show making eye contact conveys truth and honor. In some cases, overuse of eye contact can unsettle the other person. Do make direct eye contact now and then, but don’t take it too far.

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