Investing in a House - A Wise Decision
Investing in a House - A Wise Decision Investing in a House - A Wise Decision
  • Investing in a House - A Wise Decision
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  • Posted On Sep 12, 2017
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What makes a house a good investment? First, you should enjoy your time living in it. And, just as important, make some serious stacks when you eventually sell it for more than your purchase price. The beauty of your winnings is the earning a good profit (depending on the amount and time lived in the home) is tax-free.

There is always a risk that your home’s value could — really talk — tank. Before the 2008 housing market crash, the concept of depreciating home values was practically ridiculous. It is fact that home values always go up and up by the passage of time. But it is also a fact that there is no absolute formula by applying which there is a guarantee that your investment will grow in value and pay off in the end, there are some ways to hold the deals in your own favor.

Rent or Buy a House:

To buy a house is not an easy task for everyone rather is easier to get a place on rent and start living in there. But tenants, on the other hand, every year are supposed to choose premises on rent. By doing this the tenants are making money for someone else on the recurring basis. It is worth mentioning here that whether a property is owned by a management company or a landlord you have to pay rent in any case. In that same time, you could have bought and paid for a home in full which will definitely save you from recurring expense every year in the shape of rent. Hence saving can be used in the days of retirement.

The Facts about Values:

If you are willing to buy an old house which badly needs renovation then there is least chance that you will live that house. You will rather prefer to get it renovated and then rent it out. And while that doesn’t mean much from day to day, at time of sale, you’ll likely recoup your renovation investment and then some. And if you do some or much of the work yourself, you’ll further improve your chances of breaking the bank at closing. Plus, you’ll walk away with knowledge and skills you need to replicate the process over and over again if you so choose.

Consider Good Location and Neighborhoods:

The real value of a home is not as much the home as it is the piece of dirt upon which it sits. Location and the best neighborhoods are the most important details when determining the value of the property. The price will be as fine as these two ingredients are fine.

If you are willing to be a leader and buy a home in an area that is going through the redevelopment process, you may be able to score big time but for this purpose, you should wait patiently. And, if you’re willing to buy a fixer upper in an up-and-coming area, you’re further improving your chances.

The Time to Cash Out or, Rather, Cash In:

Most of the time you have to consider things like school districts, commute to work, how much your kids or spouse or dog love the neighborhood, etc. And if you try to time the real estate market and find the absolute top-of-the-value curve, you’re more likely than not to make a mistake. Even real estate professionals cannot determine 100 percent certainly when a piece of property has truly reached the maximum value.

If you are really planning to make a good profit, then you will want to keep tabs on your home’s value. Knowing the value puts you in a better position to make the stay-versus-sell decision when the time comes. How often you check value, whether every few years or longer, will largely depend on the local and national economy, which nobody can truly predict.

Your objective at the time of selling a home is to be happy with the figures when you walk away from the sales transaction. That’s when you know you’ve made a killer investment.

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